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Time Hollow

D: Konami
P: Konami

Release: 09/23/2008

Players: 1

Genre: Adventure



Platforms: Nintendo DS

Date added: August 7, 2011


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Time Hollow Review

  by Ketchups92

Hey everyone, this is my review of the totally amazing game Time Hollow. Time Hollow is a Japanese Visual Novel in lieu of Phoenix Wright developed for the Nintendo DS by Konami. If you are not a fan of text/story heavy games then this is definitely not the game for you and I suggest stopping here. If you are like me however and enjoy a great story woven into the tapestry of a video game then carry on reading!


Story: The story in any visual novel type game is the very backbone of the game and is what makes or breaks it, and I am pleased to say it is simply amazing. The basic plot follows the protagonist Ethan Kairos who is given a mysterious pen called The Hollow Pen by someone from the future that can open holes in time and change the past. You then discover someone else is changing history and it is up to you to go fix everything. The story is unique and unpredictable (Unlike most anime games which follow clichés and thus are very predictable)and had me gripped from the start. The characters are not exactly unique and are what you expect from anime characters but they are very likeable and relate-able. What is really interesting about this game is how much control you have over the outcome as it's possible to make things better for Ethan that when the game began!

Gameplay: The game plays like a point and click adventure just like Phoenix Wright though one major different is the ability to change perspective. What this means is you can look around objects. For example, say there is a ball behind a box. Normally, you can't see it but in Time Hollow you can just move to the side and you will see the ball. This made the game x10 better as well as much more challenging. I can't help but wonder how much more this feature would have worked on the 3DS.

Sound/Graphics: The sound track in this game is brilliant. The theme song is a funky J pop song which was to be expected of this type of game but what I really loved was the ambience that the music in the game creates. My only complaint about this game, and a very minor one at that, was that a few songs got annoying to hear but only because I heard them so many times while I was stuck on certain parts of the game. The graphics in Time Hollow are made up of fabulous anime styled artwork. Character designs were diverse and easy on the eyes and overall worked really well in the game.


Conclusion: Overall, Time Hollow is an amazing Visual Novel Adventure Game. Fans of Phoenix Wright should definitely give this game a go. The game's length is fairly decent and should keep you occupied for a while so you'll definitely be getting your money's worth and this game does have a degree of replay value from all the different combinations of outcomes for the ending which is something most visual novels can't offer. I would definitely recommend this game as I believe IMHO this is one of the best games going on the Nintendo DS and is totally underrated.

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