The Free To Play Equilibrium     by Faaris Kathrada

As of recent, I'm noticing more and more Free to Play games. It happened with Battlefield, NFS, Ghost Recon, and it's spreading like wildfire. Why?

My hypothesis is such: Companies are releasing F2P's as teasers for bigger and better items. What this basically means is that the F2P's are games that allow for experiences of what could be had in a full(fuller/more full?) version of the game, or at least, a paid version that includes more features. Oh, of course, Free to Play's aren't completely free, there's still the requirement to have a shop in-game, which makes for profit, as features are limited to basics. Want weapons? Buy them. Want armor? Buy it.

It's a funny world, this one. The growth of PC gaming is at a low peak, as dedicated consoles begin to rule, making the once magnificent gaming PC's oblique, obsolete pieces of hardware.

The future is yet to be seen, however, and it may just be that F2P's are what bring back full on PC gaming. We'll see in the months to come, as the Wii U comes to a launch, and the supposed Xbox 720 gets a reveal.

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