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Dead Rising 2

D: Blue Castle/Capcom
P: Capcom

Release: TBA

Players: 1

Genre: Survival Horror



Platforms: Playstation 3

Article date: 07/16/10

Dead Rising 2 Limited Edition Packshot     by HennyFarthing

If you are waiting for Dead Rising 2 to arrive, you live in America and you like Limited Editions then you are in luck.

ExtraAmmo brings you details and images of the Limited Edition to be released for Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 on 31st August.

As well as including a steelbook Zombrex case the limited edition will include:

A syringe pen,

25-page prescription notepad,

safety card,

sales brochure,

and art book,

There are however different flavours of the editions depending on which console you pick it up on, and they each contain unique additions.

PlayStation 3: Blu-ray disc with a 24 minute making of Dead Rising 2 featurette and a code for a dynamic XMB theme.

Xbox 360: Disc with the Zombrex Dead Rising sun movie and the making of featurette.

The Dead Rising 2 limited edition retails for $79.99.

As a starter before the main event, Capcom will release original downloadable content exclusively on Xbox Live with Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO.

This prologue which entirely consists of content not available in the full retail release of Dead Rising 2 will introduce new protagonist Chuck Greene and provide a link between the original game and the events that await players in the gambling paradise of Fortune City.

Check out the bigger screens here:

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