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The PSN Debacle

Yeah, yeah, pipe down, fanboys! This is a serious business, and it involves some serious statistics that'll leave any gamer cold. Recently, millions of PSN accounts had their details leaked by a successful hack. There's little that can describe the horror they must have all felt as their card details suddenly became the posession of a person who, well, wasn't them. But there have been changes made.

Changes aren't going to solve everything, of course, but it was a wake-up call not only to Sony, but to every other company out there, that no one was big enough not to mess up when it came to security. Other types of gaming sites already put a special focus on security- poker, casino and the like. Those who prefer a controller were stressing out when the time came to cancel their cards, and some even cancelled their accounts.

The added damage to Sony? People started trading in their PS3s within a week, for Xbox 360s. This was a huge blow to Kaz Hirai and the Sony crew, but we doubt it'll continue for long, as at time of writing the PSN is back up, but undergoing maintenance. It's an extremely tense time to be a Sony owner, but in all reality it's unlikely that something like this is going to dent their reputation irreperably. They may have made a serious mistake in using poor security measures, but for all anyone knows even Microsoft have now tightened up their security measures on the sly as a result of this.

If you were one of the unlucky millions, then sound off in the comments! How do you feel, are the compensatory games or PSN Plus subscription enough to satisfy you, and will you shift over to the Xbox instead? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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