Welcome Back PSN!     by Faaris Kathrada

As we all know, PSN has been down for a ludicrous amount of time, after the cyber attack that took down Playstation Network, Sony Online Entertainment, as well as Sony Ericsson Greece's site, and others, costing Sony over $5 billion in losses. While Anonymous, a hacker group, was said to blame, there's been no proof, and now PSN is online.

The Welcome Back package allows all PSN users their choice of two games from 6: inFamous, LittleBigPlanet, Stardust HD, Dead Nation, and Wipeout Fury HD. As well, two movies can be selected, and users are granted one free month of Playstation Plus services, including those who did not use the service prior.

Playstation hopes that they can regain losses and get back into the game, but can they really just brush aside the attacks? And the fact that their entire network(s) was hacked? It could happen again, and the next time, things may get worse.

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