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Dante's Inferno

D: EA Redwood Shores
P: Electronic Arts

Release: 2010


Genre: Action Adventure



Platforms: Playstation 3

Preview date: February 27, 2009

Dante's Inferno Preview

  by November_Recon

          ďWhen will EA stop churning out game after game?Ē That is the question every gamer is harbouring in their heavy minds as EA have consistently spewed out title after title, in a good way that is. Last year saw some absolute gems such as Burnout Paradise, Battlefield: Bad Company and the delightful Dead Space, along with overhyped under-achievers like Mirrorís Edge and of course the slightly empty Army of Two. Itís 2009 and EA may have had a killer breakthrough last year, the failings of games like the latest Need for Speed and the mixed reviews on Lord of the Rings has damaged their credibility somewhat, but games like those arenít at the top of my 2009 to-buy list, no, if there is one new IP I am gunning for this year from EA, itís their brand new action/adventure title, Danteís Inferno.


Yes, you will have to fight through the nine rings of hell, each harbouring its very own nasties.
Danteís Inferno is very loosely based on Dante Alighieriís poem, The Divine Comedy, a small piece of Italian literature written in the early thirteenth century. The poem painted a picture of the Christian afterlife, navigating the nine circles of hell and its demonic premise. Though the poem has been dubbed as one of the Earthís finest and would seem the most unlikely of bases for videogame, EA were soon to shove it head first into their game making machine to deliver Danteís Inferno.

          After that little history lesson, letís talk about the actual context of the game. Dante, in this title, is depicted as a muscle bound warrior, caped in crimson, bearing a scythe in one hand and a piercing silver crucifix in the other. The trailer we saw just a few months back at the Video Game Awards 2008 gave us a very small glimpse into the game, depicting Dante slashing up a horde of demons, but since then with recent coverage from developer we can unearth some facts about the game itself.


Platforming hasn't really been touched on as of yet, but if it's going to shape up to be like God of War, EA need to get their act on.
The game is being developed by EAís Redwood Shores studio, the same that gave birth to the stunning Dead Space. However, this game is not a sci-fi horror survival. And it may surprise you to hear that this game isnít really an action/adventure game either, because after recent coverage the game has steadily become a tribute to one of gamingís biggest names, Kratos. Thatís right, those who have played the game have described the gameplay and overall premise of the game to mimic that of God of War, and if successful, it could even steal away some of the third instalmentís thunder early next year, the same curse Dead Space has competitively bestowed upon Resident Evil 5. Iím not saying that Redwood are nothing more than sleazy charlatans, but a few gameplay and design aspects may sway you into my perspective of things:

. Dante is equipped with a golden Scythe, which can stretch out on a chain to reach foes at range, exactly like Kratosí blades of Athena.

. Tapping the X (360) or Square (PS3) button will deliver a light attack, and Y (360) or Triangle (PS3) for a heavy attack, critics even go onto saying the combos and levels of combat are very God of War-esque.

. Executions like those in God of War have yet to be announced, but they are more than likely to appear in the finished game.

          At this point Xbox 360 owners may not have a clue what I am rambling on about, but all Iím saying is that if Danteís Inferno is a big hit, God of War was the keystone in its creation. And for those who donít believe me, EA themselves jokingly describe the game as ďDead Space meets God of War... In hell.Ē

If huge boss fights are your thing, Dante's Inferno is one to look out for.

          Being a huge fan of the genre my earlier complaints mean nothing, if EA are using a gameplay style and control layout previously tested and approved by millions worldwide then why not include it in your game? A solid release date hasnít been planned as far as I know, but we can probably hope to see Dante bursting onto the scene sometime in late summer or early fall, with my fanboyish feelings aside, my fingers are crossed that thunder strikes in the same place twice for Redwood Shores.

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