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God of War 3


Release: Dec 2009

Players: 1

Genre: Action


ESRB: 18

Platforms: Playstation 3

Preview date: February 17, 2009

God of War 3 Preview

  by November_Recon

          God of War is a series that is still only a few years old, yet it has managed to accumulate an enormous fanbase, and has also bowled over critics. For those who know nothing of the game, itís an action/adventure title set within Ancient Greece; you assume the role of Kratos, a fallen Spartan warrior seeking revenge against the Gods, whom he believes are the source of his troubles. With Ares vanquished at the end of the first game, it was only a matter of time before Kratos confronted the other Gods, and at the epic climax of the second game, Zeus revealed that he was Kratosí father before fleeing to Mount Olympus. Now Kratos, with the help of the Titans, marches upon Olympus on his final quest to wipe out the Gods once and for all.

          We all knew a third instalment was due, but it was only at the Video Game Awards 2008 when its existence was proven with a short and somewhat unsatisfying trailer. Now a few months down the line, with more coverage of the game and those working on the title, we can finally give a first analysis of what the game has to offer.


No man nor God is safe in the last part of Kratos' story.
The trailer opens with an eerie view of a silent forest, a lone crow swoops down and perches itself on a stone. The crow looks around cautiously before pecking off-screen at something the viewers canít see, then as its head comes back into view you can see an eyeball attached to rotting flesh in the birdís beak. Seconds later Kratos comes hurling out of nowhere, sprinting like a demon through the forest, hordes of the undead trying to catch up with him from both flanks. As they come into an opening Kratos lets fly some of his moves, surely mimicking what the actual gameplay will have in store when itís released sometime next year.

          After spotting a Cyclops in the distance, Kratos races towards it, brandishing one of his new weapons, the Cestus, a pair of demoic golden gauntlets. After dismounting the beast rider, Kratos leaps up onto the beastís shoulders before jabbing it in its eye with his blades. As the beast lumbers around, it mindlessly ploughs through hordes of enemies before slumping to the ground. Up to this point, fans may have thought that it has no actual relevance to the plot, but as the camera zooms out from the forestry, players capture their first glimpse at Gaia, one of the gameís titans, covered in trees and shrubbery, explaining the forest terrain at the beginning of the trailer.

          Though the trailer might not have direct hints at how the game will actually play out, interviews with the development staff including the gameís director, have unveiled the bulk of what to expect from the third, and perhaps final instalment in Kratosí struggle. Here is a very brief rundown of whatís to come:

As you can see, God of War still retains most of its original gameplay features.
. God of War III will sum up the story of Kratos, but probably wonít be the end for the franchise.

. Kratos will end up battling all of the remaining Gods and the Titans.

. The game will be longer than the second, but will include fewer boss fights, focusing mainly on major scale battles.

          And also a few notable points about gameplay:

. New weapons will be available to Kratos, including a non-magic bow and the Cestus depicted in the trailer.

. Kratos can now ride larger creatures such as the Cyclops, perhaps an alternative to executing them?

. Kratos can now use enemies as battering rams as well as throwing toys.

. Around 50 enemies can now fit on the game screen at once, compared to the 15 seen in previous titles.

. Masses of enemies can pile on top of Kratos, who can blast them off using a new ability.

. The flying battles within the game are said to be epic.

Remember the wings of Icarus? They will make a comeback in GOWIII, being the tools used to create marvellous set-pieces.

          There are now no doubts that God of War III is ploughing through its development stage, but it looks like they are not rushing things with a release date aiming for the beginning of 2010. Kratos is ready for us, but are we mere mortals ready for this game has up its sleeves?

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November_Recon1:15 am 02/18/09
The second one, admittedly isn't as great as the first but only by a very very small margine, the boss are still immense though.
mau_645:22 pm 02/17/09
I need to get a copy of the 2nd one before this one comes out. I loved the first one except the big "stage" on the titans back. I was lost for hours in that place
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