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Street Fighter IV

D: Capcom
P: Capcom

Release: TBA

Players: 1-2

Genre: Fighting


ESRB: 12

Platforms: Playstation 3

Preview date: February 14, 2009

Street Fighter IV Preview

  by Jack Patton

          Street Fighter IV

          It's been awhile, but finally Capcom are bringing the Street Fighter franchise back into the spotlight. Boasting a new 3D look, a new set of venues, and a new batch of fighters as Street Fighter IV looks to light up the gaming world and win back it's title as the undisputed king of fighters.

Ken takes on new guy Abel

          A New Fight

          Street Fighter IV (SFIV it has been summed down to) will showcase a new 3D rendered gaming system, afar from the previous 2D system. This move was greeted with some mixed reception as some fans think that it isn't staying true to the game's origins while others feel that it's taking a step forward in the right direction.

          With a new look, SFIV has also brought in several new gameplay features. These include Focus Attacks, a two phased counter attack which blocks and then strikes back. Focus Attacks are also worked into Special attacks, enabling players to call off their special attack should their opponents be in a blocking stance. They can also switch from a Special move into a unblockable focus attack, creating a new window for combos.

          A new combo type has also been added, dubbed the Ultra Combo. This works as the match ender of the game. Filling the Revenge guage, new to SFIV specifically for the Ultra combo, by receiving damage it works like a last resort. Easily turning the tide in a fight. Due to the nature of it, you will usually be low on health when you can use it. Making for interesting climaxs should both players be near KO with a full revenge gauge.

          Online has also been confirmed, using the PSN & XBL networks to match make players across the world. It is region free and Capcom have announced that a series of Downloadable Content (DLC) will be made available. The first pack, free of charge, gives advanced fighting systems and games modes. The rest is alternate costumes for the characters, with suspect to maybe even new characters in later additions.

          New Blood

The newcomers look far from freshmen in this game

          SFIV will retain the cast of character prior to the third installment. Favourites like Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Cammy, Rose & Bison are all confirmed with the rest of the roster. However, several new interesting characters have also been confirmed.

          Abel: A Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) with amnesia on a mission to defeat the surviving members of Shadaloo, M.Bison's crime syndicate.

          Crimson Viper: A female United States spy.

          Rufus: A Kung Fu specialist seeking to defeat Ken to become the United State's top fighter.

          El Fuerte: A Mexican Luchador with dreams of becoming a gourmet chef on retirement.

          Gouken: Ken & Ryu's sensei. Presumed dead after being defeated by his brother, fellow SF character Akuma, some time ago. Not actually new to the series but it's his first appearance as a playable character.

          Seth: Known also as the puppet master, Seth serves as SFIV's main boss instead of M.Bison.

          With all this and more packed into the already voted 'Best game of 2008' by Japan, this is sure to be a big hit. So, if Killzone 2 & Resident Evil 5 don't satisfy you, this certainly will. Released on the 17th (USA) & the 20th (Europe) of February.

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Jack Patton6:54 pm 02/14/09
Thank you Mau
mau_645:30 pm 02/14/09
This is a great preview Jack
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