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Final Fantasy XIII

D: Square Enix
P: Square Enix

Release: TBA


Genre: RPG



Platforms: Playstation 3

Date added: July 11, 2011


User Rating : 10

Votes : 1

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Final Fantasy XIII Review

  by Ketchups92


So let's start off with the story. The Story in FFXIII was decent. The concept was good but (without spoiling anything) I felt it was executed poorly. Especially in how it handled the main antagonist. Granted it had a few interesting twists the story follows a typical anime cliché focusing on friendship and changing ones destiny. The characters were also very cliché however I did rather like them (Snow is my fave). Lightning is presented as the central character, appearing on the logo and box art, however (like Vaan in FFXII) she is less involved in the game's plot than Snow who is more like the main character. One final gripe is that I felt they introduced the last boss too soon in the story.  


Graphically, this game is amazing. If I was grading it on appearance I would give it a 9. The scenery is amazing and the characters look very realistic, though still distinctly anime. This game makes great eye candy and is good for showing off great HD graphics in a game.


On to gameplay. The exploration (as you would have probably heard of by now...) is very linear and doesn't open up till the last few chapters in the game, and even then it is still linear to a smaller extent (every chapter has a level cap to stop you grinding too high). The combat however is excellent. The battle system in this FF is one of the best (and hardest) out there. The paradigm shift system is great, however character customization is limited and during end game/post game all the characters are almost exactly the same in terms of skills etc.


FFXIII has some great graphics and the battle system is great however a badly executed story and restricted gameplay stop's this game from shining. If you're a hardcore fan you already have this. If you're new to FF games this might be a good place to start. If you're looking for a really good JRPG, I would recommend something else like Dragon Quest IX on the DS.

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