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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

D: Omega Force
P: Koei

Release: 04/24/2009


Genre: Action



Platforms: Sony PSP

Preview date: February 9, 2009

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Preview

  by November_Recon

          If there is one series that has managed to hang on despite tackling every obstacle whether it be a harsh scolding from critics or financial issues, it has to be Koei’s resilient Dynasty Warriors series. The makeover made in the sixth installment of the series didn’t go down well with fans, with the tradition combo system being replaced for a “Renbu” system, a never ending combo of softer and more fluid attacks. Fans were mostly left disappointed, only clinging on to the hope that the ever-solid “Empires” expansion would redeem the series. The series has also made a few appearances on the Playstation Portable with Dynasty Warriors Volumes 1 and 2 along with Warriors Orochi, which alone are stellar titles but lack the spice of the console versions, and that’s where Strikeforce comes in.

          It’s unclear whether Koei are trying to suit up for their merging with big shots, Tecmo, or if they have just gone crazy all together. That’s exactly what I thought when I flicked over the first few trailers and gameplay screens for the giants newest instalment. Instead of the heroes of the Three Kingdoms era dispatching waves of peasants soldiers, it appears that they have all grown and dyed their hair and have learned how to fly, and to top it off, they are taking on huge ceramic demons and dragons! Sheer madness? Most probably, yes, but as you look deeper into the minds of the developers, Strikeforce could potentially be a turning point for the rusting franchise.

          Players will still be able to play as all of their favourite warriors as depicted in the sixth game. You will start your battles running around hacking and slashing in a casual manner until you enter your “Awakening”. Fans will know that when one of the on-screen gauges fills up, you will be able to unleash a “Musou” attack, think of it as a special attack, however, Strikeforce is taking this to the next level. Awakening will engulf the character in question, turning them into a god-like form with the ability to fly, their robust hairstyles waving around like neon spaghetti. This mode will allow players to absolutely obliterate everything on the battlefield and promises to gives fans a real treat.

          I mentioned a bit about dragons and demons earlier, instead of having Chinese warlords as boss enemies in the game, instead

Between battles players can gather missions from nearby villages as well as upgrading their equipment and buying field items.
you will have to toe it out with some fierce looking mystical adversaries big enough to rival Monster Hunter’s Lao Shan. Strikeforce will also allow four players to team up and enter battles for the first time. However the multiplayer service is only available locally or through Ad Hoc party, a free service only on Playstation 3 which amplifies the PSP’s Ad Hoc range via a wired internet connection.

          Koei may have lost their minds, but they most certainly haven’t dropped the ball, Strikeforce looks like it’s going to be a sleeper hit for the PSP, and a colossal one at that. The game launches in March 2009 for both NA and EU.

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mau_645:49 pm 02/10/09
I remember when Dynasty Warriors was fun which was DW2. Then they went all crazy with the sequels and it lost its charm
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