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Patapon 2

D: Sony
P: Sony

Release: 05/05/2009





Platforms: Sony PSP

Preview date: February 15, 2009

Patapon 2 Preview

  by November_Recon

          As you have probably heard in the other of my previews and reviews for the PSP, it is in dire need of brilliant new titles. Last year saw the release of few new titles such as God of War and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops +, but with other consoles batting out Triple A title after title, the PSP hasnt lifted its underdog label yet. Luckily Sony had published a pair of its own titles, being dubbed as the most successful and quirky PSP games to date, yes Im talking about the legendary Loco Roco and peerless Patapon series.

          Patapon was the second game to be thought up by the development team of Loco Roco, which found a foothold in the hearts of all PSP fans with its vivid design, and robust appeal. When Patapon was originally announced, as you can imagine all of the Loco fans were pleased, but unlike the screen titling, bouncing joy we saw from the strange game, instead Patapon would take us to a different universe altogether. The game was set in a 2D universe where you would assume the role of the Patapons, mini warriors who were commanded through the medium of drum beats. It might have sounded lacklustre on paper, but is still referred to as one of the greatest PSP games to date.

Boss fights are back such as the Big Bird boss fight depicted here available on within the demo.

          Patapon 2, which released in Japan last fall, seems just as successful, simply expanding on the current game model to add more fun. The game will follow the events of the last, the Patapon build their great boat in search of more islands abroad, but they are suddenly ambushed by a mighty Kraken and soon end washed up on the shores of a strange new island, inhabited by a hostile tribe known as the Kamepon.

          Patapon 2 will allow 4 player support via ad hoc mode or

Patapon is back and it's managed to retain the charm and quirkiness of the original.
even game-sharing, without the option to use wifi to go online. The gameplay will stay adamantly the same as the first but to mix things up, three new unit types will be thrown in to add a bit more experimentation into your battles:

. Toripon a new spear-throwing bird unit originally thought up for the first game that will add firepower to ranged units.

. Robopon these new huge fisted warriors will act as excellent brawlers and take advantage of one of the few new songs.

. Mahapon a magic casting unit similar to the Megapon, but can unleash devastating chains of lightning.

          Patapon 2, with the same traits as the first game, will

The new island will put players to the challenge as they face the Kamepon.
surely receive the same reception as the first. Hopefully we will eventually see the installation of an online multiplayer mode or even new units via DLC. Patapon 2 launches in mid-March in the Eu and in early May in the states.

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