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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, taking over one final time!

Join Harry Potter and the rest of Hogwarts to fight off Voldemort's evil forces for the last time ever! Game is available on all major gaming platforms!

Pro Evolution Soccer - Nevermind,eh?

The latest instalment of ĎPro Evolution Soccerí has been announced, so Iím going to take a look back at the series, and see if itís still as fun as it always was, by comparing it to its biggest rival.

The Return Of The Creed

The Creed is back. Ezio, Altair, and Desmond are on another mission, bigger than ever before.

Calling All Halo Fans! (Spoiler)

Come hither, Halo fans, and rejoice! For Halo 4 is on the way...

Another Page of Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls has yet again given us another game. What's it do this time? Hit up the post for information!

Midway's Fatality

Midway has finally been K.O.'d, but how did this happen to the once-invincible gaming giant?

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