Another Page Of The Elder Scrolls     by Marty

          You've proved yourself by fulfilling a prophecy to be Morrowind's saviour, you've fought evil to save Cyrodiil from the gates of Oblivion but now prepare for a whole new quest to stand up and be the defender of Skyrim.

          Tamriel, a continent in constant need of assistance (by the looks of it), is once again in need of our help as we delve back into the story of the Elder Scrolls. This time we are needed in the province of Skyrim, a place made up of mountainous ranges based around the 5 major cities of the game. Whilst visiting any of these cities, new features have been added where you can do anything from create weapons to cook meat and ingredients that you've gathered along the way. Also there's been big improvements to the communication aspect where during a conversation with someone you're no longer frozen in time whilst communicating and you can walk around or look at the scenery mid-sentence. This brings a whole new level to conversing that we haven't seen in the previous titles.

          The landscape is said to be more diverse along with the creatures that inhabit it. You could be walking along a path and suddenly see a fox chasing a rabbit (just an example), which adds a little more reality to the game instead of the previous titles where the creatures are just stood around waiting to pounce. The biggest and most anticipated aspect of the game HAS to be the introduction of the dragons, who rule the skies in Skyrim. They roam freely, so there's a chance that you could run into one of these beasts at any point, no matter where you are. There's no point in avoiding these beasties either because as a dragon born, it's up to you to get rid of them.

          In the terms of your actions and consequences, as before the way you act towards people depends on whether people have a positive or negative disposition towards you. It seems that the choices you make in reference to your statistics and skills determines what types of quest you may come across, for example if you base most of your combat abilities on magic, then from the sounds of it the magic-based quests will be the ones to find you and vice versa. Quests can be sparked from doing the smallest action whether it be dropping a weapon or forging your own. In terms of levelling up, it's different from the previous games, In Oblivion and Morrowind, the enemies levelled up as you did and all enemies were the same level but on Skyrim a new plan is being introduced where different locations on the map have different levels of enemies. Some lower and weaker than your current level, and some higher and stronger than your current level.

          In summary the gameplay looks amazing along with the amount of effort that's gone into the whole game. Expect new and improved features in what is already being called the game of the year 2011. It's said to be released on 11/11/2011, so keep that date free in your diaries!

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