The Return Of The Creed     by Marty

          Since 2007, Ubisoft have kept us entertained with the Assassin's Creed saga, exploring the ancestory of Desmond Miles, from the life of Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad to the antics of Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Now, Ubisoft are once again bringing back the legend as we delve deeper into mysteries of the creed.

          Masyaf, where it all began. This is where our new story begins. We return to Ezio (who is over 50 years old!) who travels to the old assassins stronghold in order to find an artifact hidden there by the notorious Altaïr. It is said that the item Ezio seeks is powerful enough to end the conflict between the assassins and the templars for good. The keys for this artifact have been scattered around Constantinople which is known to us as Istanbul. During the quest around Constantinople, Ezio must search for seals that allow him to peer into the life of Altaïr (in these memories you get to play as Altaïr!). So you could really say that Altaïr will be your guide throughout the game.

          As for Desmond, we return to him as he's trapped inside the animus which, to the outside world, seems to be a comatose state. There is a safe place that is known as the Black Room where your objective will be to put Desmonds sub-conscious back together bit by a jigsaw puzzle. When this objective has been fulfilled, Desmond will regain consciousness to the outside world.

          As for the changes to gameplay, it's been said that a new item will be at our disposal, the hookblade. This will allow you to zipline across the city in order to get to destinations a little quicker (unlike in the previous titles, where you had to follow a string of buildings along until you found a gap small enough to jump across). The hookblade will also be helpful in combat for dragging or hanging enemies etc. There will be a wide variety of bomb variations which you will be able to fully customise and create yourself. Finally there is word of an improvement to the eagle vision which will now be known as 'Eagle Sense', the difference being that, not only can you focus on a person etc. but you can also see the trails of people that you're searching for (obviously whilst eagle sense mode is switched on).

          The Borgia towers are also making an impressive re-appearance, with a different concept where now, if you complete the tasks to overrun a borgia tower it becomes an assassins den. However don't get too comfortable as your den can be overrun too. Finally, the side missions have changed. They do not appear on your map to go and complete as you please, they will come to you by happening around you whilst in different areas. For example you can be walking down the street and see a woman getting mugged, which will lead on to a side quest for you to complete, if your nice enough. Assassin's Creed: Revelations is said to be released on 15/11/2011, so get your hoods up and start climbing!

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