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Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood

D: Ubisoft
P: Ubisoft

Release: Christmas 2010

Players: TBD

Genre: Action-Adventure

Length: TBD


Platforms: Xbox 360

Preview date: August 11, 2010

Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood Preview

  by Camx360

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Preview.

The E3 trailer was introducing Assassins Creed Brotherhood to the world, the video shows us that Assassins Creed Brotherhood is going to be a new step above its predecessors, It introduces the new concept of the brotherhood in which Ezio your character is the leader of a clan, this means you get to control an army of Assassins in the game to wreak havoc on your enemies.

Perhaps the newest addition to the game is online multiplayer, this brings a whole new life to the game, In this you get to control your own chosen character and you can work with or against the templars, you can even teach them to do assassination moves to kill the assassins once and for all.

Each of the characters you get to choose from gets their own unique assassination move which you can use on other players.There is no news on how many game types there will be yet.

Also as you level up online you will unlock new ability's, there are 10 in total these include the ability to morph into a roman citizen and the ability to earn a smoke bomb, this makes good use of the stealthy options at hand, so you don't run around carelessly and get killed or noticed by the Roman guard.There are 50 levels in the game to keep you busy for a while, whilst leveling up you unlock new game modes, character models and maps to play on.

In the story mode they have left Ezio very much untouched with his appearance but he is 40 in this game so he has moved on abit, but he is still running and jumping round everywhere , the story is loosely based around Rome as i expect you will be traveling to other significant cities in Italy again.

The story carry's on from Assassins Creed 2 where you wake in a bed, you decide to go into the Animus, Ezio finds villa Auditore under attack, so he makes an escape along the rooftops and jumps onto his horse, this is also new, where you can ride your horse inside the city walls. In this one of Ezio's close friends dies and he decides to take revenge upon the attackers, the templars, although they are more powerful than ever, so Ezio must gain a brotherhood in order to eliminate the templars.

This game is set for release on November 16Th on xbox 360 and playstation 3.

This game looks great and i am looking forward to reviewing it, I will have more info as launch day nears.

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