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Resident Evil 5

D: Capcom
P: Capcom

Release: 03/13/2009


Genre: 3rd Person Shooter



Platforms: Xbox 360

Preview date: January 30, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Preview

  by Michael Perry

          Capcom has some big shoes to fill with Resident Evil 5 due to the critically acclaimed success of Resident Evil 4; possibly the greatest game that was released on the Gamecube.  Resident Evil 4 was a huge departure in the series scraping the fixed camera angles and most notably, zombies.  While the enemies in the game are zombie like, they are actually infected with the Proginator virus making them act like zombies but are not exactly the living dead.  Resident Evil 5 will continue this direction and hopefully start answering questions about this new plague.

          RE5 is set four years after the events of RE4 in a small African village called Kijuju, but is not entirely based in this location.  The games main protagonist is Chris Redfield who fans should remember as one of the only survivors of the “mansion incident,” which happened 10 years prior to RE5.  Chris is accompanied by a new character named Sheva Alomar; details on her are still scarce.  Chris’s mortal enemy from the first game Albert Wesker has also been announced, but unclear if he is this entries main adversary.  Other new characters have been announced including Excella Gionn, who is apparently working with Wesker, Allyson , who is a resident in Kijuju,and  Ozwell E Spencer, who isn’t a new character entirely ( he’s been mentioned in files before) but this is his first appearance and has ties to Wesker.  The S.T.A.R.S. was scrapped and replaced with a new organization called B.S.A.A which stands for Bio-Terrorism Security Assessment Alliance. Also, Umbrella has been replaced with the company Tricell, which is the main company in RE5.  There are other characters announced (the merchant is still a mystery) but only in small detail.  

          So why exactly is this title set in Africa among all places?  Well, the Proginator virus made its start in Africa and is rapidly growing.  The main enemies in RE5 are called Plagas which were the main “infected” in RE4; they have the power to infect every living thing.  Chris is sent in to try and stop this major incident.  One of the key elements of the plot is the whereabouts of S.T.A.R.S. and Chris’s life during his 10 year absence.  

          One of the biggest features of RE5 is the introduction of CO-OP.  RE5 will feature full drop-in drop-out online CO-OP over the course of the whole game.  The second player takes control of Chris’s liaison Sheva.  The couple will be forced to separate at times so always relying on your partner is not an option.  Having Sheva as a partner definitely has its benefits.  She can help you in troubled times and can hold items for you when your inventory slots are full.  She doesn’t get in your way much and is a pretty decent shot.  Another plus with RE5 is the departure of saving on a typewriter.  You now have checkpoints and a chapter save system which is a huge benefit than having to worry about finding typewriters and carrying ribbons.  

          RE5 also adopts the control scheme used in RE4, which is an over the shoulder view commonly referred to as “tank” controls.  While these controls are a large improvement over the others in the series, it feels a big clunky at times and sometimes outdated.  You are still unable to move around while you shoot which feels awkward.  It feels like its robbing you from gameplay.  If you’re running from the “infected” and you pull your gun out, you stop dead in your tracks.  Why does it have to be like that?

          So when exactly will I be able to play this game?  The game is set to be released on March 13, 2009 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.    A collector’s edition has been announced including a wide range of collectibles.  This 2 disc set includes the game and a bonus disc with special features including a Making of feature, and a trailer for the Resident Evil Degeneration movie; all inside a custom made steel base with special art.  A demo is up now on the 360 and a PS3 one will be up in a few days after so go download it now and see why this is one of the hottest titles to be released in 2009.

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